Friday, May 21, 2010

BP Live Feed Available

You can view it here at the House committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming site or at BP's site.

As you might expect, traffic on this live feed is high and it might take a few tries to get it to work. Keep hitting refresh.

With the release of the live feed BP finally admits that they were underestimating the release rate. The amount of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico is still unknown, but with the release of this video experts will have a better chance at estimating just how much crude oil has gushed from this clusterfuck.

Conservatives started wailing just days after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig that this would be Obama's Katrina. Sad to say, there are some similarities. Much of what caused this disaster was in place before Obama came to office and the government needs to stop listening to BP and take charge of the situation.

But as long as the oil industry lobbyists have access to Congress, not much will really change. More importantly, the fact that whoever sits in the Oval Office seems to mean less to the actual functioning of government than whatever corporation has spent the most money buying both houses of Congress seems to be the take-away here.

Welcome to the United States of America, Inc.

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