Friday, May 14, 2010

OMG. GOP. WTF. Minnesota, again


Gov. Pawlenty  has vowed to veto legislation recently passed by the Minnesota state House and Senate that would guarantee same-sex couples the same end-of-life rights as married couples.

Pawlenty thinks this bill, which would allow same-sex couples the right to make burial decisions and initiate a wrongful death lawsuit if needed, is too controversial and designed to inflame passions. After all, they can get the same benefits from a will. Right?


Senate sponsor Yvonne Prettner Solon said wills not only cost money to draw up, but can be problematic because of errors or omissions. She also said the governor's rationale does not cover the right to file wrongful death suits.
"I think he's missing the point, though, that this is really an issue of fairness and equality," Prettner Solon said.
Should the governor veto the bill, Prettner Solon said an override was unlikely.  
See, I wasn't making it up before when I said Pawlenty was a GOP turd. And to think the Republican party in Minnesota thinks someone even further to the right than this idjit is the answer.

But hey, why should a same-sex couple who's been together for decades have the right to determine how their deceased partners remains are handled? After all, their loved one probably has a family member somewhere that can handle it. They may not have spoken in the last century but that's not a problem, surely.

Denying the basic rights of same-sex individuals is only meant to make them appear to be less than human. There is no other reason. It's as true in Minnesota as in Uganda.

And as wrong.

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Sidhe said...

Double "Yuk!" to Minnesota.