Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OMG. GOP. WTF. Idaho edition

Apparently Vaughn Ward, Republican candidate for Congress, is the worst candidate ever.  At least according to TPM.

This guy has a long list of gaffes. Let's list them, shall we?

  1. He thinks Puerto Rico is a foreign country
  2. He reissued endorsements as the primary approached and claimed it was to make sure they were picked up by the press.
  3. He campaigned to cut federal spending on financial bailouts while his wife was the primary bread winner, employed at Fannie Mae, recipient of bailout monies.
  4. He plagiarized the Prez.
Seriously. Watch this side by side video created by his TEA PARTY OPPONENT.

This was the best that Idaho mainstream Repubs could come up with. I suppose this is less an OMG moment but it sure qualifies for WTF.

Money quote from Zandar:
Just because the economy is bad and there are lots of problems America faces today, doesn't magically make Republicans any more competent, folks.


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Wild Child said...

Um, wow! Actually, I'm thinking (hoping) maybe the Republican/Tea Partiers will cannibalize themselves and we can continue to add Democrats to the rolls of Congress.

Sidhe said...

With candidates like this...