Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ravalli County, MT

So, according to TPM the citizens of Ravalli County Montana want to form their own militia, kick out the EPA, require any federal government employee to get written permission before "approaching" any "Citizen" and allow said "Citizens" to carry whatever kind of weapon, concealed or otherwise,  they please. For good measure, they throw in a bit about "global warming" being a farce. The way they're choosing to enforce this on their fellow citizens? A questionnaire. A group of yahoos are trying to get elected officials to pledge to these and other acts of lunacy.

Clearly, these folks are a few fries short of a happy meal. I wonder if they realize that requiring prior written approval for interaction with federal employees means their mail service stands a good chance of being disrupted. They couldn't go to the post office, for one, unless they gave permission for every postal service employee to talk to them. Even if the Sheriff gives permission to every postal service employee, having to present such permission to any and all who chose to ask for it might just slow things down a bit.

Their militia would require everyone over the age of 18 to serve but women in a combat role only if, and I quote, "the men are in danger of being overrun". Guess they figure that those dreaded Feds are going to come steal their guns and they'll need to defend themselves. The women will be saved this onerous duty but stand as a last line of defense.

They also want to prohibit mandatory vaccinations and limit census takers to counting the number of adults in each home.  After they get written permission to talk to them.

So, here's the plan. Let them have their little revolution.  Pull out the USPS. Stop federal funding for US Highway 93. It's only the main thoroughfare for the county. It runs from Lost Trails Pass in the south through the county seat of Hamilton and north to Florence. A grand total of 68 miles, more or less. Two national forests and one national wildlife refuge are in the county, too.  Let's pull all federal funding and personnel from the county. Let them stop vaccinating their kiddos.

And when they get sick from whatever childhood illness that those vaccinations would have prevented, they'll need to ask for written permission for the CDC to come in and treat the outbreak.

The only silver lining in an otherwise rancid outbreak of crazy is the fact that, so far, no elected officials have filled out the questionnaire.

As the saying goes, you can't fix stupid. But then stupid has become enshrined in this country. Intelligence is for the elite and we all know they're out to sell us own the river.

God save us. Seriously.


Dr. Jay SW said...

They don't want the protection of the military, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc., do they? Al Queda and other such groups would be thrilled to know that there's a section of the United States they can attack with impunity...

Fragrant Liar said...

WTF? Where are you at again? Sounds like back woods mountain folk who ain't seen a lick o' schoolin' and don't need nobody tellin' 'em what fer. Sounds like somebody's got far more balls than brains.

Lesley said...

Oh my gosh, how funny. And yet, not. This sounds like something our fellow Texans might come up with - kind of like Rick Perry turning down $700 million in federal education funding and then bragging on his website about how wonderful our failing educational system is. What a bumblehead.

Monica Roberts said...

Hopefully we get a chance to correct that in the Lone Star State this fall