Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good News, Bad News and WTF News

So, Good news first. Obama has decided to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, claiming that the Act is unconstitutional.. It's about damn time. Some are speculating that the Administration is setting up the Republicans by reminding them that Congress can chose to defend the law. Meanwhile, RWNJ heads are exploding

It's kinda of glorious all around.

Also in the Good News arena would be the dismissal of the Indiana Deputy AG for suggesting,  and then defending that suggestion, that live ammunition be used on Wisconsin protestors. Stupid move, dude. And I hope the door didn't hit you in the ass on the way out.

Bad news would be the ongoing crisis in Libya. (Though after 40 some odd years in office, you'd think the media could decide on how to spell the man's name.) It sounds more and more like open rebellion and bloodshed over there. How it will end is still unknown.

More Bad News: Montana passed legislation to ban all local LGBT rights ordinances. So the more progressive communities in Montana have seen the state legislature wipe out their local laws to prevent discrimination. Way to go Montana.

In the WTF News department, we have two contenders for craziest news item of the day.

One would be Glenn Beck comparing Reform Judaism to Radical Islam, claiming both put politics ahead of religion. He has since apologized (which is WTF News in and of itself.).

Second would be a lovely piece of legislation introduced by Iowa Republicans that would grant criminal and civil immunity to any person who uses deadly force to prevent an abortion. Again with the idea to decriminalize murder when the victim is an abortion provider. Do they really want to move us back into the Dark Ages?

I think the Iowa legislation wins for WTF News item of the day. Of course, the day is still young.


Aliceson said...

Yes, Iowa takes the cake today. WTF is right! Using deadly force to prevent a LEGAL medical procedure? Puh-lease. I hope this bill gets trashed immediately.

LeftLeaningLady said...

I missed the Iowa bill. I have been a little preoccupied with Planned Parenthood's defunding and the possible shutdown of the government.

And, yes, they DO want to move us back into the dark ages, they want some white, Christian, hetero Stepford.. the problem with that is that most men cannot afford that life without a woman pushing him and working beside him.

Wild Child said...

Didn't North Dakota have similar legislation introduced? WTF is right! I cannot believe the insanity that these Republicans are coming up with. They are catering to the rich and giving them their cuts and tax breaks. They placate the masses using legislated morality as their attraction to help keep themselves in power. They pull the wool over the eyes of small business by claiming they are "helping" them with tax breaks, which is not true. The massive breaks for big companies does not trickle down to the small companies, because they pay taxes as self employed people. This has to be our wake up call to stop the erosion of our middle class. We need to get the wealthy tax dodgers to pay their taxes, so we don't have to make our cuts. The middle and lower classes have the tax burdens, but not enough money to pay the politicians to listen to us only. I am sick and freaked out by the blindness of people to what the Republicans are doing to what used to be a nation of democracy. Argh!