Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sean and Sarah sittin in a tree...

I saw this headline on Crooks and Liars :

Sean Hannity: Sarah Palin is Smarter Than Obama

And my eyes crossed and my head momentarily thought about imploding. Then I read the article and got a giggle. Apparently Juan Williams, whoever the hell that is, is a rarity on Faux News. He has a real brain. He points out, and its just funny as hell, that ol'Sean is thinking with his little brain and not the the one above his shoulders.

This, I think, explains so much about the Right's fascination with Palin. Even for the women. I mean, Anne Coulter would do her. Not that any sane person would get anywhere near Coulter's "personal" space, but then Sarah isn't sane. Seriously, I think this is the answer. The Right all finds Palin maddeningly sexy and it's short circuited what Saint Ronnie left of their brains.

(Speaking of St. Ronnie, did you know there's a bill in the House to change the portrait on the 50 from Grant to Reagan?  You all know what I think of Reagan. What do you want to bet that the Dems can somehow manage to stop this bill? And it won't take a supermajority to do it, either.)

Any way. I don't think much of Sean Hannity and even less of Sarah Palin. They deserve each other and our country deserves better. And just for the record - President Obama is much, much smarter than Palin. In fact, there's no comparison. It would be like pitting a Harvard educated lawyer against a beauty queen. Oh, wait...


Chris said...

I can't write....I'm LMAO!!!!!!

Wild Child said...

Well said, well said! I wish I had your eloquence. Grrr...I wish all the stupid Republicans would shut up, and those with any brains left would work on the compromises this country needs, instead of continuing to halt the process to make the stupid ones happy.

Monica Roberts said...

Palin smarter than Obama?

Some people in the 'white' wing really need to pit down the hallucinogenic drugs.

President Obama can name his favorite books, Palin seeks to ban them.