Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rachel Maddow tells it like it is

You go girl!

I've said this before and I am not alone. The Democrats in Congress and the White House need to understand that compromise and bi-partisanship will not work with the Party of No. The Republicans will not vote for anything that the President favors simply because he favors it. The Democrats have the majority. They must grow the balls to use it.

Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds. I was beginning to think that Rachel was going to name off every Republican congress critter and it's entirely possible that a case could be made against them all. It's no surprise to me that my critter, John Carter, was one of those she mentioned. (He's an idiot who seems to get elected every year by the folks up in Sun City.) Even old KBH got mentioned. She's running for governor. Won't be a big difference between her and Gov. Big Hair if you ask me. Who by the way, has a brass pair. He's running a campaign ad touting the fact that he turned down 3 billion in "wasteful federal dollars", read the stimulus. Ass. Hat.

Anyway, I think it's past time that the Democrats understand that the opposition party is just that - the OPPOSITION. They won't and indeed can't agree with anything that comes out the Obama White House and expect their base to reelect them. Because as we all know, the Republican base has been conditioned to believe that Obama is a socialist who may or may not be an American, the Democrats are closet Socialists, and together they represent the greatest danger to the American Way of Life that this country has ever seen. You can't tell people to believe this kind of crap and then expect them to understand that maybe some of what the "Bad Guys" are proposing might actually be a good thing. You just can't. The Republicans will reap what they have sown. As long as they don't take the rest of us down with them, I'm all for it.

And it's up to the Democratic majority to make sure that they don't.

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Lesley said...

You go too, girl! Excellent post. I don't know how the Republicans can spew their lies with straight faces. Gov Big Hair is one of the worst. And John Cornyn - don't even get me started on him.