Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RTT- And the saga continues...

It's Tuesday. I'm late. You know the drill.

Two doctors visits in as many days later and the news is in. It's not anything really unexpected.  Blood work normal. Blood pressure good. Pulmonary Function Test fine. Poked, prodded and scrapped ( you know what I mean, ladies). The only real oddity was a questionable result or two from the echocardiogram. Since none of these tests gave the good doctor an answer, it's off to more tests. Now I get to do a stress test to make the sure oddities are nothing to be concerned about. Yay me.

Oh, and the good doctor concedes that I need to see a Lymph specialist. Since nothing he's done so far points to anything else. It's so much fun having a condition that is diagnosed by ruling everything else out first.

I predict that the stress test will show that I am a fat, out of shape, middle aged woman. And nothing else. Cause that about sums it up when you take out the Lymphedema.

Any one in your neck of the woods down with the dreaded H1N1? The only people I know with the nasty bug are from church. One enormously pregnant friend has a sick kiddo. She's due in like two weeks and here's hoping she doesn't catch this. That would suck.

Youngest is moping around today with what I've diagnosed as stayinguptoolate syndrome. As in, I don't care what you say I can function on only 3 hours of sleep a day during the week with a marathon sleep session on Saturday to "make up" for my general nocturnal behavior and suffer zero consequences.  She is now suffering the consequences - dizziness, stomach upset, general feeling of crap - that we're hoping doesn't morph into the dreaded H1N1. Cause being a college student is apparently a risk factor according to my OB/Gyn.

I'm about ready to concede defeat and simply pull up the carpet and be done with it. We got some volcanic ash from someone who swears this should solve our odor problem. If it doesn't work, it's coming out. I'd rather have concrete sub-flooring than spend any more time in the miasma. Seriously. It's embarrassing just writing about it.

Speaking of the doctor, he's all, you're going to keep loosing weight, right? And start getting some exercise, right? And I'm all, yes doctor. I'm using the Wii Fit and doing Weight Watchers. So, I am going all official here and declaring that I am going to use the Wii Fit every morning and be a good girl and stay on the diet. I've been reluctant to chronicle the weight loss here but maybe someone will keep me honest. Because I am essentially a lazy coward who doesn't want to be accountable to someone else. Or, you know, get all I've only eaten carrots all week and why is my skin turning orange kind of blogger.

About my general laziness in re blogging. Well, what can I say? Weird Wednesday has died a quiet little death. I missed last week and wasn't actually too bothered. Apparently, no one else was either. Work has actually provided me with actual work of late, so no blogging at work. And Facebook has sucked me in a spat me out - FarmVille and Zynga Poker mostly. Clearly I am addicted. Since the first step is admitting you have a problem, I'll say it here:

Hi, I'm TrueBlueTexan and I'm a Facebook-aholic.

Care to join me in a game of Zynga Poker?

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Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I needed to lose weight for about 5 years... then the teen boy went to angst land and the stress of his emotional state got my husband and i so stressed out we both lost ten punds in two weeks.

It's not pretty though, I've got flabby skin hanging off my arms and apparently I now need to work out beyond my daily walk.