Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dude, I am so depressed...

So, while I could continue my discussion on the issues of the upcoming election, let me just break it down to this:  our health care system sucks, is broken , needs serious fixing and no one really knows how.  Second, the war on terror:  The war in Iraq was poorly conceived and should never have started.  We've left the job undone in Afghanistan for a second time.  

Most importantly, since no one reads this blog, I will change no minds, educate no voters and effect no lasting change.  Those who disagree with me are just as convinced they are right and I am wrong as I am they.  They think me foolish at best, arrogant at worst and just plain wrong.  Which just makes me angry and then depressed when I realize I think the same thing of them.   So, rather than continue to exchange scathing commentaries, wall postings, etc. I will concede defeat.  

I will vote my conscience and they theirs come November.  God help us all.

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