Friday, February 1, 2008

What the Hell is Wrong with America?

Let me just say for the record:  I DO NOT CARE WHAT BRITNEY SPEARS DOES.  Whether she enters the psych ward, shaves her head, finds God or drops dead, it doesn't matter to me. 

And I'm sick to death of hearing about her, her ex, her kids and her philandering mom.  Give it a rest.  Please.  And can someone explain to me why the city of LA/state of California just spent $25,000 escorting the bitch to the psych ward?  A full police escort for a trip to the loony bin?  What the hell is wrong with you people?

Let her kill herself in private.  I'm tired of hearing about her every single damn day.  I DO NOT CARE.  She could die tomorrow and I would not shed a single tear.

What has our nation come to that the insane escapades of a twenty-something would-be "celebrity" is national news?  She and Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie need to drop off the face of the planet, get their lives together and try to salvage their careers and reputations.  

But I suppose that's the whole point.  Their reputation is their career.  It doesn't matter, apparently, that that reputation is crappy.  That everyone with half a brain thinks they're addicted to celebrity, various drugs and just generally insane.  

We spend entirely too much time fascinated by celebrities gone bad.  What must the rest of the world think when Brittany Spears makes headlines on CNN while we are in the middle of an election cycle, facing a possible recession and struggling with a war that no one supports and everyone wants out of but no one knows how to do so.  We have real issues to deal with in this country- the economy, the war, the environment-but we seem entranced with meaningless drivel.  

Let's all speak as one and tell the news outlets to stop reporting on the latest saga in Brittany-land.  Spend the time and space you would have devoted to her in reporting on real issues.

And to those of you feeding the feeding frenzy- shame on you.

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