Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rep. Rob Woodall makes commercial for the GA Dems

No, seriously.

Remember this asshat from yesterday when he told a constituent at a town hall meeting she needed to take care of herself and buy her own insurance if her company didn't provide healthcare as part of a retirement package?

Well, at the same meeting, he had someone ask him why he didn't buy his own insurance and decline his government supplied healthcare. Especially since he had told her one of his goals was to do away with government AND employer supported insurance.

What did he tell her?  Watch for yourself.

That's right, he told her why should he when it's FREE. Words escape me. How do I describe someone who is at once both so completely arrogant and so completely clueless.

He must be a ringer for the Dems. Cause really, all they have to do is play this video segment and the one  from yesterday. A little editing, a little music, some voice over work as text relates some more of his statements and voila - instant commercial.

Of course, he is from Georgia, the state that gave us Paul Broun.


Dr. Jay SW said...

Between this guy and Paul Ryan, the Dems really couldn't ask for better friends on the other side of the aisle...

Cirze said...

It's not free for the taxpayers who pay for his though is it?

Do you suppose that most of that type live in a magical/xtian world where god only smiles on them?

I can believe it.